intelligent completions steel open hole packer technology

Open Hole Packer

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Open Hole Packer Technology

The development of expandable steel openhole packers has opened new horizons. The basic concept of attaching an expandable steel sheath to the outside of the casing by welding (cost effective) or crimping (high anchoring and pressure ratings without impacting the base casing characteristics) opens up a wide range of products and applications, including:

  • Improving primary cementing, a robust steel packer can be run in as part of the casing string and expanded into the wet cement to shut-off gas migration, prevent crossflow, centralize the casing, and ensure an efficient cement job
  • Zonal Isolation, between screens, slotted pipe, ICD’s,… A steel packer will make an efficient annular seal in a short zone, avoiding the need for cement and allowing optimized production from selected zones
  • Efficient stage cementing, by providing a high strength steel packer below a DV tool for correct cement placement
  • Openhole Ball-drop multistage fracturing operations, offering annulus well barriers with high pressure sealing properties

Open Hole Packers Activation procedure

Saltel Packer is slid onto the completion casing, and sealed by welding or crimping. Hydraulic pressure is applied in the completion casing to expand the metallic sleeves through an inflation port, up to the contact with the formation or casing it is set in. The stainless steel sleeves plastic deformation creates a solid and permanent annulus seal. Robust to run, set quickly, with a high pressure life of well seal, this is the ideal solution for annular zonal isolation.

Saltel Open Hole Packers’ reliable sealing

Saltel Open Hole Packers’ sealing is achieved with a thin layer of bonded elastomer (HNBR). Dynamic seals can be mounted between steel rings to enhance the sealing capacity and increase the temperature range. The packers’ end fittings protect the expandable sleeve, while running in the well.

Open Hole Packers