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Hydraulic set packers

Expandable steel hydraulic set packers

Saltel expandable steel technology now has a full range of Hydraulic set packers. This technology achieves annular zonal isolation in open and cased hole applications. The expandable steel Packer is an efficient high-pressure life of well solution. Saltel Packer meet annular isolation requirements.

In other words, The expandable steel Packer sets using internal tubing pressure. Likewise, when reaching the preset pressure threshold, the Packer deforms smoothly against the formation or casing. As a result it creates an annular metal barrier preventing migrations. Apply Delta P° (in-out) from surface to set the packers. You can pressure up the entire string. Or you can use a wash pipe + seal assembly or a cup tool to isolate the inflation port.

Moreover, OH hydraulic set packers opened new horizons in the upstream oil and gas industry. Expandable Steel Packers can RIH with completion & expand at depth to seal in required annular intervals.

Effective sealing guaranteed

Firstly, sealing is possible thanks to a layer of bonded elastomer on the outside of the metallic sleeve. The Packer will mold the geometry of the borehole. Besides, dynamic seals can also be added to increase both sealing capacity T° ratings. Then, the end-fittings protect the sleeve during RIH.

Saltel Xpandable Hydraulic set Packer models and their applications

hydraulic set packer

Cementing applications

Saltel packers enhance cementing operations to guarantee perfect annular integrity.

In such cases, Saltel external casing packer seals annular sections in cement insurance scenarios. (Sometimes in conjunction with cement stage tools)

  • Single-stage cementing (Saltel Xpandable* – ECP – External casing packer).
  • Multiple stage cementing (Saltel Xpandable* – ECP).
  • Off-bottom cementing (Saltel Xpandable* – ECP).
  • Cement backup (Saltel Xpandable* – ECP).

Other applications

Expandable Steel Packers can also operate in the following applications.

  • Firstly, in shale applications. To isolate frac stages during OH ball-drop multistage fracturing operations (Saltel Frac Packer).
  • Then, in long-term annular zonal isolation requirements.
    • Reservoir compartmentalization (Saltel Xpandable* – AZIP – Annular Zonal Isolation Packer).
    • Acid stimulation (Saltel Xpandable* – AZIP).
    • Plug and abandonment (Saltel Xpandable* – AZIP).

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