split casing repair with casing patch

casing split repair

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Casing splits threatening the production. 


It is imperative that producers have intact well integrity management. Their oil and gas-producing wells are expected to withstand significant production rates. Failure to achieve this objective may result in economic losses. It means a downhole impairment – resulting from corrosion or damage generated from previous tool runnings that are now causing leakages. Saltel provides a full range of expandable steel solutions for casing split repair.


The split remediation (casing split repair) is a process that involves repairing the damage, which can occur due to a variety of reasons such as corrosion, wear and tear, or damage from previous tool runnings. This process is necessary to bring back the integrity of the well, and prevent economic losses.

One way to repair a casing split is by using a casing patch, which is a device that covers and isolates the impairment. The Saltel Xpandable steel patch is a specific type of casing patch that is made of expandable steel, which allows it to be easily inserted and expanded to fit the exact size and shape of the impairment. This ensures a secure and effective seal, restoring the integrity of the casing.

The Saltel Xpandable steel patch also guarantees one of the best drift ID in the market. The drift ID is the internal diameter of the patch that is left after it is expanded. A larger drift ID allows for more flexibility and ease of use for operators, as they can easily resume running tools through the patch during subsequent phases of the well’s life. This is particularly important for operators who need to perform additional work on the well, such as drilling or completing the well, after the patch has been installed.

Overall, the Saltel Xpandable steel patch offers a reliable and efficient solution for repairing a casing split, while also maintaining the integrity of the well and allowing for easy tool running during subsequent phases of the well’s life.