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Improve and stimulate the existing fracture network with refrac system

Challenges in ReFracturing


ReFracturing in the shale formation allows increasing the production once it significantly drops to marginal rates. ReFrac process is an effective solution to improve and stimulate the existing fracture network, reduce initial fracture spacing, which gives access to unperforated pay zones in the shale reservoir. This process has to be reliable, fast, and cost-effective.

Solution for ReFracturing

Saltel Expandable Steel Refrac Systems

  • Use a straddle tool to frac or refrac between two expandable steel packers
  • No use of ball-activated frac ports
  • The completion can be P&P or OHMS
  • Pinpoint solution, Simple operation, Operation time decrease, Frac efficiency
_Xpandable steel AZIP-W
Valve systemSafety closing valve
Sealing SystemDeformable corrosion-resistant alloy (CRA) sleeve with elastomer seal
ReliabilityLife of well (Sweet environment)
PerformanceDifferential pressure hold by steel sleeve mechanical resistance
Unaffected by temperature variations
Max DeltaP
10,000 psi
Max DeltaP
Not Compensated
Up to 3,000 psi depending on diameter and sleeve thickness
Max Temp.300 degF - 150 degC
Qualification302 degF - 150 degC