CSS wells - casing repair - extreme high temperature casing patch

CSS Remedial Applications

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Casing repair in CSS wells

CSS Remedial Applications

This single-well method consists of injecting steam at high pressure and high temperature in the reservoir during the first phase. A soaking (or shut-in) phase is completed to let the reservoir heat-up evenly by convection and then the heated oil is pumped out from the same well. Once the oil production rate decreases because of reservoir cooling, another cycle is engaged.


• High temperature conditions up to 335°C
• Aggressive environment due to H2S concentration and high temperature
• Up to 10 thermal cycling
• Seals equally well at both high and low temperatures
• Minimum impact on production rate to keep the well profitable by leaving a maximum inside diameter.


The Saltel Expandable Steel High Temp Patch 335°C/635°F is a life-of-the-well solution to repair a thermal well with high-temperature conditions. The technology and the setting procedure are based on the standard Patch with some changes on the material selection to fit the harsh conditions without using an elastomer. Our product was successfully qualified through CSS conditions with 10 thermal cycles and approved to repair “out of zone” part of the wells.